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French Music Festival

GENEVIEVE, Mo. A North American French Music Festival, Vive La Musique, will take place Saturday Aug. 24 in the Bolduc House Museum located at 125 S.Main St. Ste. Genevieve will celebrate its heritage with the music festival since the neighborhood was a French colonial prior to the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. The city was home to

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Essence Music Festival

NEW YORK, To Listen to Essence Communications President Michelle Ebanks tell it, this Essence Music Festival has been pictured as an one-off party of the magazine’s 25th anniversary, a celebration with a goal to entertain and entertain. Nevertheless, even she’s somewhat astonished at how it’s grown to one of the nation’s mega gatherings, complete with

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Music Festival Venue

Ticketed Venues for Music at Asheville, NC The Orange Peel From the 1950 and 60s, The Orange Peel was called a hot R & B and soul club and in the 1970 it was a renowned funk and soul club. The Orange Peel reopened at 2002, after remaining vacant for at least 20 years. Six

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Bluegrass Music Festivals

The autumn music holiday season is kicking off powerful in Central Florida in the forthcoming weeks, and the little city of Waldo is more bring back bluegrass. The Dixieland Music Park Fall Bluegrass Festival begins Monday and run through Nov.2 in the Dixieland RV Park using a lineup which enlists the talent of functions such

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